Which Is The Best Web Hosting Service?

This question is very common to all those who are planning to launch a website or a blog. The biggest problem that they face is to decide as to sign up with whom to get the best web services. Well this question is something that is really important as unlike domains you cannot change your hosting service any time you feel like. So I’ll help you out to choose.
Very frankly and in a confident manner I would like to choose the best at the current status that is HOSTGATOR. I believe they give one of the best services and there package includes a lot of things are a must for a lot of web developers. The basic plan of there’s which costs around $5 per month has this kind of features:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Badwidth
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Free Email Service
So this is what I was talking anbout the basic service that they have, so you can now well imagine about what they must be having in there other plans . Basically they have three plans that is Hatching plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan. All the three have almost the same kind of features and thus have a great going for their customers. Apart from this they also have the 1click service that is they can install the software that you require(such as wordpress for blogging) if you send them an email.
 So GO ahead host your self with Hostgator and get a discount of $9.96,  You have to simply enter your discount code that is shawnaxetue 

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