Who Will Get Your Email When You Die ?

Have you ever wondered about this question that who will get your Facebook account information or email ID when you die. Now its quite obvious that we are getting dependent on the web everyday and more or less our life’s most extent has become dependent on the internet so what happens to all that when we die. It may be possible that there is some important password or code in somebody’s email inbox and he/she unfortunately dies.

 Well there is a very simple way how to transfer the assets of a person or its personal property there is a will which decides who is to get the property. Same is the situation here a Digital Will is made by the person who wishes to transfer his or her assets to his or her digital heir.The person has to simply create a list or a directory of his or her personal assets on the web and then get his or her digital signatory authenticated. Once done then the person has to shed a few currency notes on getting the digital will made from the court.Well  as the Indian lawyers say it won’t take more than a day to  get the will done and I believe same is the case of other advanced economies like the United States and Countries of Europe.

Various service provider have the various type of rules regarding this and they need to be contacted before this kind of will is made.