Path: New Social Networking Site Which is Completely Personal

Everybody on the internet is quite known to the name Facebook as this is one of the known names in the field of social networking. But as the company says Is It Really Personal? Well everybody is well-known to the fact that this website initially had a lot of privacy problems, but now it may have overcome it. But now comes another social networking website which simply allows 50 friends only and not more than that.

This website called Path was started by former Facebook employee Dave Morin who developed the Facebook Platform and later on The Facebook Connect . He left the company in early 2010 to start his own venture and calls Path not a social network but a Personal Network.

Path is quite similar to Facebook where people tag photos and also become friends after both of them are OK with it but the main difference is that on 50 friends.As this is going on Path may be a more secured network as  compared with others