How To Create A Subdomain

There may be many people having blogs hosted on their websites and other people who must be having a lot of blogs but they have to purchase many domain names just to maintain a simple network of blogs. But this work can really turn very easy if the main domain of the website has many sub domain so that the sub domains redirect to another website and the requirement for registering many websites doesn’t take place at all.

To get a sub domain or sub domains is a really simple process but before that the web developer needs to have the total control over the DNS settings of his domains. If this is there then the process is very easy.

  • Firstly log on to the page where you have your DNS control and the either way to get a domain is to either set the CNAME(Aliases) or the A Record of the domain to your required values.
  • After you make the settings such as the www and @ to the desired destination you simply have to create another record and type the sub domain name instead of the www as you did before. If you want your subdomain to be then type blog at the box specified for HOST and in the value box type the desired value.demo below
Host     Value                      Type
www       CNAME
Similarly to set your subdomain to
Host            Value                    Type
blog     CNAME
After you do this just go to the place you have set your website and go to the pace where you can use your own custom domain and type to get the subdomain as your website address. This is how you can set as many as number of subdomains to as many websites you feel like.
But yes you should have the total control over your DNS and if you don’t have then redirect it to some place that has the full DNS control.