Gear Yourself For Mac OS X Lion

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As we all see these days that Macs have really managed to climb the success ladder as the Macbook has managed to become the best laptop for college students and is considered one of the best laptops in the entertainment as well as the education industry.But the operating system that is the Mac OS X Snow Leopard will be getting upgraded very soon with the all new Mac OS X Lion soon to come out.Some of its features are here.

  • The Mac Apps Store: The Mac Apps Store will give a lot of possiblities to search and explore new apps and purchase them easily. This would be an inbuilt feature and a lot of sources say that this would also be having an independent release as well for Snow Leopard users as well.
  • Launchpad: The Launchpad is an application which would be available on the new mac OS and that would allow user to give instant access to iPod as well as iPad applications on the Mac.This icon would be available on the dock on the desktop. All the applications for other Apple products can be instantly downloaded with it.
  • Full Screen Apps: The apps that would run on the Mac would be completely full screen providing a betterĀ appearanceĀ and visibility.
  • Mission Control:This command function which would be available in the Mac would be having a brid eye view of all the applications and the windows opened at a same time for a better navigation by the user.
Seems like Apple has geared up itself for great options and facilities on the new Mac.
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