Get Ready for the New Macbook Air

One of the worlds most light notebook PC manufactured by Apple, Inc. The Macbook Air is back in a very new model, stunning design and lots more. This time Macbook is having a lot of things built into it to give user what they demand as well as it is more thinner.

The all New Core2 Duo Macbook Air is having the following features:

  • A High Flash memory : The 128 GB Flash which is built into it now gives better space for storage of various documents as well as faster browsing of them.Flash allows you to access data quickly, and it gives MacBook Air the astonishing ability to remain in standby mode for up to 30 days
  • Multi Touchpad: This is quite a common thing for Apple products , as they are one of the most known people in inventions related with touch screens, and this time on the Mac Book air this has really taken a very good shape as the whole trackpad is the button and there are no buttons giving large space for using the area or cursor.
  • Long battery Life: The battery life of the laptop as said by the company is around 5-7 hours. Even if the laptop remains off for a month then too the battery wont discharge.
  • The Display and Camera are also of high quality .
  • The Biggest and the best point in it includes the portability as it is really easy to carry.
Available in 11 inch and 13 inch this is  must try.
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