Facebook Privacy Concerns On The Rise Once Again

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The biggest social networking website on this planet is having some privacy concerns once again. Well not new something for the employees or the users of facebook asd this has been an issue a lot time in the past as well.

This time The Wall Street Journal has reported on this issue and the privacy problem comes as Facebook is supplying the details of its usrs to outside advertisers and a lot of people infacat a million of the are in serious problem as their personal informationn might be leaked.The website ehich has a privacy protection program which doesnt allow anonymous users to view the details of a particular user to theother users is leaking out the privacy and now it has also been reported by The Times Of India as well.
The facebook applications that are used by the users are games and quizes played by the users but the investigation by the newspaper states that 10 best apps are letting the privacy go as the users use them.
The users on Facebook are now said to be courtesteos and not give out their intimate private details on it.