Microsoft and Facebook Unite To Create Bing Social Search

The friendship of both the majors of both the software industry as well as Social networking i.e. Microsoft and Facebook has taken a great turn as both have collaborated to create Bing Social Search. Bing as it has been one of the most popular search engine from Microsoft.

The social search is specially enabled to search things, people and lots on Facebook using Bing.
As privacy has been a major issue in the past so this time MS as well as FB maintain serious concerns about it.

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How to Start
If you open both Facebook as well as Bing in the same browser then a pop up will come up asking whether you would like to participate in the social search or not. If you click No Thanks then the search engine remains as it is, but if you accept it then the social search will be enabled in it.
Note: It generally pops up more than once, so some users might be annoyed but it is recommended by us to participate in this great project.

This take by Microsoft is specially intended to make Bing a more of a social networking friendly search engine.