How to start as a Blogger

This is a very common question as everybody nowadays is interested in sitting in their bedroom and explore so blogging becomes a great profession for all those people. But most of the people are hardly aware of the fact that there are more than 175,000 blogs register everyday. So how to survive in the scenario. Here are some common tips one can follow which may guarantee success.

Well no need to be afraid by that big figure mentioned above, because this world is always full of competition and there is no shortcut to success. some of the tips that I had mentioned before are :

  • Be consistent
  • Write Regularly
  • Be Patient
The above three instructions are really very important but the last one(i.e. Be patient) is the most important one mentioned because I believe that this is something that is generally lacked by the people. Apart from this  some other things that are required are :
  • You should have a custom domain name although you can go for a free one when starting the blog
  • WordPress and Blogspot(or Blogger) both are good, go for anybody.
Apart from this try to post to be qualitative and different from others in the terms of quality as well as in language which should be made as simple as possible.