Best Search Engine for Bloggers

It may be really a very hectic task to get to know about the best search engine for your blogs. Or else you just go on posting and posting but here is nothing as in to search your blog. So now we have a solution for you all.

A free online service called Free Find is available which is totally free of cost and offers a search engine of its own. You have to just go make an account and your work done.
The minimum required things are:

  • An account on free find
  • A blog or a website
This service is completely free and it indexes your website to make your search more user friendly. Tjis also has advanced search options along with it so that the people may easily search the web too for the the matter they are searching for.
This service is extremely user friendly and is a great alternative option for all those who dont want to use Google, Bing or Yahoo for searching their sites.