The Top 8 DAWs For Mobile

Audio revolution has been huge since it found a connection with technology as it not only led to creating a great quality of music but also helped reduce prices of many musicians who dreamed about a studio recording. As with the introduction of smartphones it has now become really easy for people to work on the go, so when it comes to working why not get your music done while you are travelling or stuck up at a place where you can not get a audio workstation.

Smartphones(and the smart operating systems behind it) have made the process of music creation really easy and to add more to it the music software companies have come up with music apps that are easy to understand and use on the mobile interface. You may be surprised to know that these music apps have facility to record(not all of them) using regular audio interfaces that you use on your computer, that ¬†makes it even better. What you can’t do is record at any place(noise) but for other activities(mixing, arranging) these apps are a complete power-packed box. Of course many may find this daunting at first but sooner or later this will become easier than you have ever imagined about.

No more talks and lets have a quick look at the top DAWs for mobile that include both iOS and Android. You can click on the name of the app to head on to the marketplace and download it to your smartphone.

FL Studio


One of the biggest known names for all those who use Windows. Initially started as a sequencer was only targeted to people who were newbies in music but now is being used by several professionals around the world. The app is available for both the iOS as well as Android. One of the biggest advantage I would see here is that you can continue to edit your music file after you have transferred the project from your smartphone to your computer.


Apple’s iconic DAW that makes both learning and making music a fun experience. As usual like any other Apple interface, this has a great interface to play with. In no time one can fall in love with the endless features this software has although this is only available for the Apple devices(you already guessed it). In case you are an Apple fanboy or by any chance have an Apple device do consider giving this a try.



Once again one of the popular DAWs(Cubase) that is used on the computer is here. Its version for Apple smart devices is amazing and this too allows users to continue their tasks on a fully featured computer once they transfer the project files.

Caustic 2

A great music creation tool that allows you to use synthesizers on your smartphone. Relatively new but is becoming one of the most used music apps by musicians. As long as I know the only version of this app is available for Android and not for any other platform.

Pocket Band

A great tool for Android(only) that consists of loops, synthesizers and much more. Apart from other apps listed here this has the facility to render your music on a remote cloud based system. Another great advantage you get is you can easily network with your friends to create music.

Touch DAW

This app is mainly a DAW controller for Android(once again Android only). When I tried this it didn’t have a lot of features but what I noticed was that it had a simple interface.

Audio Evolution

This app is more like a complete DAW for any musicians needs. Why complete? because everything you use on a full featured computer is somehow present here in this app. Right now this is only available for Android devices.

Nano Studio

Once again this is a full featured recording studio that one can think about, the only difference is that this app is only available for iOS.

The best these can do is for musicians who simply strike an idea while not around a studio and the best you can do is to continue your project in your home studio once you transfer the project file to you PC after you started it on your smartphone.

After reading the above I’m certain you would get know that I’m a great Android fan(oh yeah!) but as I type this article on a Mac I’m an admirer of Apple Products as well.¬†Once you try any of the apps mentioned above do post your views about it.