Create Your Own Meme with WordPress Meme Generator Plugin

A picture speaks a thousand words. This is probably an old saying but with the rise in popularity of memes, the words in the saying have started to make more sense than before. In fact it has become really easy for anyone to comment or express a particular opinion with a meme as there are less words involved and somehow that even leads to a bit of humor. Talks apart, the main thing that I’d like to share with you today is an amazing plugin that allows you to create your own meme and publish it to your WordPress blog instantly.

We all saw the success of 9Gag and Cheezeburger which is nothing but a collection of humor. So if you ever thought about launching your own website/blog about memes, its now just a few clicks away.


#1 Download WordPress Meme Generator

Costs only $20 and I assure you won’t regret after buying.

#2 Install It

You need to be using WordPress powered website in order to use this. Installation is the usual way as any plugin is installed.

#3 Use it


You can create a meme easily by hitting the button on the top of your writing area(if you are using the WordPress admin panel) or by using the shortcode [meme_generator] on any post/page to create a meme from the frontend.

Creating a meme is simple and the shortcode allows the guest users to use this plugin on your blog and post it on the website.