How To:Tag All Posts in WordPress To A Single Tag

A lot of bloggers have a very simple problem related with the page navigation on theri front page. Such as  I used to have when you click on the 2nd page it would remain on the second page and would never change which amde my previous articles completely invisible or a simple waste unless I saw a website which had an awesome way to navigate the pages and a lot of websites too do this way. So check out how to do it.
First of all we would be requiring some simple things and believe me this may look a bit lengthy but is damn easy and simple and won’t take more than 5 minutes if you do this sincerely..Follow the following steps first to tag all the posts to a SINGLE TAG in wordpress.

  • Go to the tag creator option on the WP-ADMIN page which is there on the top left below POSTS.
  • Then create a tag name it anything, I suggest name it All or All Posts, you can easily change it later on so don’t think a lot ono an check how many posts are there in you blog and then in your ALL POSTS page above in the tab where its mentioned Screen Options(Below Log Out & next to help) Unclick all the options except for Post name and Tags & mention the total number of posts to show on your screen instead of the 20 or 30 mentioned there(just below).
  • Then select all the posts by click the checkbox next to TITLE and in BULK ACTIONS click EDIT.
  • Then as the option comes out tag all the posts with the tag you just created before(All, or All Posts).

Now this would take some time such as 10 minutes but please don’t be impatient this would surely work out. Now you have done almost 90% of the work for your page navigation.

  • Now get this plugin for Page Navigation called Wp-PageNavi and install it as usual.
  • Now got to the Apperance section on the left of your wp-admin screen and find tag.php(if not there then archives.php) and add this code <?php wp_pagenavi(); ?> just befor e the last line that is <?php get_footer(); ?>.
  • Now on the main front page of your Give the page linkk of your tag which you created before, so that when the readers would be over with the reading of your front page then they will move to tags page which lists all thos posts with a numbered page navigation.
  • Done!!

I know this was lengthy but I hope this was simple so hope you are done with it now and if not list down you problem below. I’ll sort it out.

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