How To create a Harmless Computer Virus

Well, this is quite common that people who use and who even don’t use the internet are quite familiar with the word “Virus”.Defining it in simple words it is a code or a program that is made to run with the help of a compiler. It can copy itself simultaneously a lot of times and can also spread from computer to other computers.  It does nothing except for destroying the main programming code of the program or delete the important system files of the computer due to which the computer tops functioning properly.

Well, every body have the image in their minds as like virus are very dangerous and yes they are. The thing that I’m going to tell you right now is the code of a simple virus which is harmless if you perform it correctly and if you perform it in a wrong way then please don’t blame me for destroying your computer. The code is as below.

@echo off
color 1a
ping -n 2>nul
shutdown.exe  ==

This is not dangerous as it will give an impression of a virus but will not destroy your computer.


  • Copy the above highlighted text to a notepad document.
  • Save the document as a .bat extension
  • From the directory(while saving) change Text File(.txt) to All files.

Your Virus Done


  • Don’t save the virus in your C: Drive or any important drive.
  • Don’t change the code.
  • To prevent misuse,delete the code after using once.