Facebook Reaches Hollywood

From one to almost 500 million users Facebook has attained great success in a very short span of time but now it has reached Hollywood. A movie named The Social Network set to release on October 1st 2010 staring Jesse Eisenberg, Brenda Song, Justin Timberlake and many more is coming up. The music for the music is composed by Nine Inch Nails creator Trent Reznor and is has created a lot of craze in the public due to its trailers.


The movie is based on Ben Mezrich’s The Accidental Billionares which became a great hit in the market when it was launched in 2009. Having an exciting tag line “You Don’t Get To 500 Million Friends without making a Few Enemies”,¬†Facebook a company which was founded in 2004 at Harvard University by Mark Zuckerberg and later moved on to its corporate headquarters at Palo Alto, California where other great ompanies too have their headquarters such as HP and Dell.

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