How To: Turn On VST In Audacity

Recently I posted an article on HBB where I discussed the importance of open source products and the list included numjerous of those softwares which really make our work easy. One of those softwares also include audacity which is one of the best for recording mixing and creating podcasts. So this is how you can enable the VST technology in Audacity to make great sounds.


VST or Virtual Studio Technology is s technology generally used by audio professionals throughout the world to create sounds that replace the typical instruments. The best use of these plugins is there in all the Digital Audio Workstations ors DAW’s. So to enable VST follow these steps:

  • Download VST enabler from this Link.
  • Unzip that .dll file in the plugins folder or directory of Audacity. It’s located in that drive where you installed Audacity(such as C Drive-> Audacity-> Plugins)
  • Thats it, now your Audacity is running VST and you can use any VST plugins in your work.

Literally simple Audacity makes the best use of sounds in a very user-friendly way for all the pod casters make music.