iTunes 10 Social Networking With Ping

The most popular music store in the world iTunes has finally released its 10th version of its software known as iTunes 10 which includes Ping a social networking website that will run on the software along with it. Totally free of cost to download Ping comes with iTunes 10.

iTunes 10

As known to us before this is a software with which we can surf all the songs present on the iTunes music store and can buy songs through a secure credit card. iTunes is available for Mac, PC as well as iPod, iPad and iPhone as well. iTunes which is the worlds largest music store this time has Ping along with it.


This service was started by Apple, Inc. along with its one of the most popular software iTunes and was launched with a whooping 1 million members in 23 countries..This amazing social networking software has a lot of features which includes knowing about the musicians their latest concerts as well as latest activities which is always shared on this platform.
Users can also follow their favourite artists and have friends(like Facebook) so as to discover new music.
Although this service rocks but still has a bit of disappointment for users in various countries such as Chile, the Czech Republic, Croatia or India. Till now Apple hasn’t said anything about how or when will it be available for these countries.

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