Get Ready for Windows 8

It may not be a very long time that Windows 7 has been released but the next project of Microsoft has already been out. The next OS is code-named as Windows 8 and is under development. Microsoft promises that it would be much better than its previous version and also it is rumored that it will have a better start-up.
Various articles even say that it will be named as Windows Next and it would be released in 2012.(Screen shot below)

No release date has yet been planned or confirmed by Microsoft (even I’m waiting like you all).Various articles have also rumored that Microsoft has started to build its new team for the development of Windows 8. But the biggest thing still to be confirmed is by Microsoft in the public about the development of Windows 8.
Various sources which confirm the release of Windows  as the next version include ads of Microsoft posted on its official website where it is searching for new talent for the development(Check it here).

Various sources confirm that Microsoft is adding an App store in its next release. It has also been said that it will have compatibility for Bluetooth 3 and high display quality. Also it will incl. face recognition as web cameras are likely to get more with computers nowadays.

Some of other sources that confirm about this OS are:

Screen Shot
  • Pete

    wonderfull,m eagerly waiting for this
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  • Same is my situation here
    Waiting for Windows 8 although I think Its name wont be Windows 8
    thanks For your comment