5 Amazing Differences Between iPhone 3GS Vs. iPhone 4

So it has been a lot of time since the iPhone 4 has finally hit the markets and a lot of people have tried it out. Although its amazing and so was the previous version of it as well, we bring out some of the most common differences between the two gadgets which are really very necessary for the common people to know.

  • Camera

The new iPhone 4 has a 5 mega pixel camera making the quality of the digital pictures more clear and better than the previous version which has a 3 mega pixel camera. Also the newer version is having the LED flash unlike the previous version.

  • Video camera

The iPhone 4 has a better video clarity as well than the previous generation as it provides HD video recording as well as editing of it. The previous version i.e. 3GS has a VGA camera in it for videos.

  • Retina Display


One of the best known technology that Apple is known for that is its retina display also has a better feature here. As the company claims this time the picture quality would be too good.

  • Facetime

So Facetime has really turned to become Facetime here as the people who would be using the Apple technology Facetime for their conversation would be able to see each others faces during the conversation.

  • Airplay

iPhone 4 allows the users to wirelessly stream videos and music just with a few clicks.

Rest other features such as the iPod, Safari seem to not change a lot and as usual iPhone is still providing its amazing app store for the download of various amazing apps.

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