The iPod Revolution-Apple introduces new iPod Nano and iPod touch

Apple Inc. has finally launched the awaited iPod Nano. This time as everybody sees it its quite obvious that the gadget is small as compared to its predecessor. And the newest and most unique is that it has a touch screen interface.

With an awesome price of just $149(8 GB) and $179(16 GB) the ipod touch has a lot for your fingers as it comes with the most amazing Apple made touchscreen which is known for its user friendly interface.
Amazing Features


It comes with a feature called as Genius by Apple which makes acts like a prsonal DJ. If a user likes a song then he or she just taps the Genius button on the screen and the iPod automatically detects other songs and creates a playlist.

Other Features

Apart from this tool it comes with several other new features such as live pause where a user can pause live radio music.

Its amazing battery gives a 24 hour battery back up making it a perfect companion on the go.

Apart from all these features it can also access iTunes as well as other facilities it had on it.

Ipod Touch

Moving on to another iPod, this machine doesnt has a lot to change other than certain features.

Retina Display
Apple has introduced retina display which makes picture the clearest to the largest extent. One can see each and every pixel of the picture present on the screen with its 960 by 640 display.

Video Calling
Another inbuilt feature that Apple has introduced includes Face Time which has video calling feature enabled in now one can also see who is calling and talking.

Powerful Processor
The new iPod comes with a powerful A4 processor which has made operating the iPod more friendly making it not to hang under any circumstance. It uses iOS 4.

HD Recording
Finally HD or high definition recording is also a part of the new features on iPod touch.

Great Display As I have alredy mentioned that this time iPod has HD enabled in it so it has a great display. Not only this it also has Led back light so it adds more battery life along with a greater display.

So this was all Apple has provided in its newer version of the most successful digital media player, the iPod. More details are available on the Apple official website