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As a lot of people use WordPress as a platform to maintain their websites or blogs or what soever they do on the web and the fact that finally came out that 12% of the web is maintained by WordPress is also another thing that makes all other  things related with it important. And getting a theme for you website is also another important aspect. Where to get it?

So as I consider some of the most important things to look out in a theme are:

  • Menus: It should obviously have a support for menus and they should be present mainly in the header
  • Options Page: This should have all other things such as a place where you can have you own custom favicon or something like your RSS url.
  • Plugin Support: A lot of support for plugins as well
  • Clean: The theme should really get adjusted to all other things you do as if it doesnt it will mess up a lot of things

And all these features are found at one place that is woothemes.com a wordpress nased web platform which has all the best wordpress themes developed by some of the best people around and founded by Adii Rockstarr who is a well known personality in the field of themes.

Although the website has an amazing support team for the paid themes or the premium themes it also has a page for the free theme[check it here]

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