6 Amazing Apps For iPhone

iPhone the only and the biggest competitor to the Android operating system and one of the best gadgets ever created by Apple Inc. has some of the best apps ever. The apps make this lovely gadget better than before and the best one can ever imagine about. So here we are with the collection of some of the best apps for the iphone.


  • The Brewers Nose

The brewers nose is an amazing app by Droga which is a joint venture between Indian alcohol maker giant United Breweries Group and The Carlton in close association with the Australian Ad agency. This app as stated can taste beer.

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  • Sun Smart

This is another iPhone app which is said that it can detect cancer from the humans.

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  • ESPN CricInfo

Another app created by ESPN which provides the latest cricket updates to its fans throughout.

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  • Woteva

This is a lovely app which is like a dictionary for slangs. It can translate the slangs helping the parents understand what their kids are really saying.

  • Last Night Never  Happened

Another app which is capable of deleting the posts of facebook if incase you posted them while you were completely drunk.

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  • Silent Film Director

This amazing app helps to make your own silent movie in minutes.

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These were some of the weirdest apps which can ever be created for  the iPhone till now.