Wikipedia Launched Ambassador Program In Pune

The web’s biggest knowledge base i.e. which has limitless knowledge source in its one packed up web site has come up with an amazing new ambassador program in Pune, India.This program tends to be an awesome chance for all those generally active on Wikipedia and the ones who wish to contribute to this great website spreading knowledge.

The Wikipedia Campus Ambassador role is a volunteer (unpaid) position. The estimated time commitment is approximately 3–5 hours a week, with some variations throughout the semester. Wikipedia Campus Ambassadors can be undergraduate/graduate/post-graduate students, college/university staff members, faculty members, or anyone geographically close to the college/university – the main qualification is that you must enjoy teaching people and spreading your passion for free knowledge. In Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 we worked with Harvard University, Georgetown University, Indiana University, UC Berkeley, and many other schools in the United States. Beyond May 2011, we would like to expand to an even greater number of schools, in a variety of different countries. Illustratively, we are launching the India Campus Program in May 2011 and piloting it in Pune, India.

The various activities that the Ambassadors would be involved into includes:

  • (before the term starts:) Help identify and recruit instructors on your campus who would be interested in incorporating Wikipedia-editing into their classes.
  • (before and during the term start:) Work with interested instructors on your campus in adapting existing teaching methods to include Wikipedia-editing
  • Provide face-to-face training and support for the participating instructors’ students on Wikipedia-related skills. This means doing in-class presentations, possibly holding office hours, and in general providing in-person mentorship for students. Prior Wikipedia expertise is not required for the role, as the Wikimedia Foundation will provide training for all Campus Ambassadors – but would be useful
  • Organize engaging on-campus events to encourage editing (and continued editing) of Wikipedia
  • Think of creative ways for promoting Wikipedia in your region
  • Help recruit new Wikipedia contributors on campus, possibly through the creation of a Wikipedia student club
  • Set up a Wikipedia help desk on your campus
  • Be a point of contact for new contributors and channel the feedback to the Wikimedia Foundation and its chapters
  • Recruit and train new Wikipedia Campus Ambassadors

To enroll as an ambassador Submit this application

For more details check Official website


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