Nokia Collaborates With Microsoft For Windows Phone

All the people are well aware of both these big names one being the software leader whereas the other being the cell phone giant. And previously as Microsoft stopped the further development of Windows mobile and came up with the Windows phone unfortunately which flopped in the market with the users as well as the critics this time the company takes a major move.

Nokia and Microsoft have announced that both of these biggies will work together for the Windows phone created by Microsoft. The news came out early this morning at the official blog of Nokia(powered by Wordpress) . The news came straight from Redmond where the official headquarters of Microsoft are locted. The blog update says that:

“After 10 weeks of intense collaboration, we are pleased to report that Nokia and Microsoft have signed the definitive agreement for our strategic partnership to build a new global mobile ecosystem that is unlike any other.It’s a bold claim”


The company says that the partnership came across very early as predicted by them and they are soon coming up with plans that will include manufacturing of various phones which will have Windows in them and the best thing is that these companies plan to take these to products to wide geographies throughout the world.

We all would expect that both these companies tend to make this collaboration a success.

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