JetPack-An Awesome Plugin by WordPress

There are a lot of people who go on complaining about the features that are available at and similar features which are even present at CMS. But the main difference, a lot of the features are easily available to the users of and no to those who are using the WordPress CMS. Finally the WordPress team has come out with a solution.

Jetpack is a new plugin designed by the WordPress team at Automattic Inc., the Matt Mullenweg headed company which has other great plugins for WordPress as well such as BuddyPress and the rest. The new plugin has several great features and with the help of this pluginĀ a user can easily connect his os her account with his self hosted blog and can get all the benefits that are there with the users of WordPress.

This plugin is in-built in the new version of WordPress i.e. 3.1 and for previous versions the plugin is always available.