Amazing Google Analytics Plugin For WordPress

Today while searching the WordPress official website( as I generally do to get to know something amazing the Automattic team is up to) and finally got a link to another WordPress provider Yoast who have created an awesome plugin for Google Analytics users.

Although a lot of people may still advocate the traditional use of Google Analytics that is by inserting it manually in the header.php or inserting it in some of the plugin which has the access to the header, footer or the body code of the blog, but if they aren’t having a  look on this plugin they are literally missing a lot of things that they shouldn’t miss out.

This great plugin has too many features in it which include:

  • The user has the right to choose where to insert the analytics code,
  • Simply integrate the website/blog with Google analytics by just inserting the UA code
  • Also the administrator can easily set what counts what now, like if if wishes his visits not to be counted,
  • Other lovely uses such as debug and use of variables,

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