Google On The Path Of Facebook, Adds +1 Feature

Internet giant Google may have started to feel a bit insecure by the “Like” button of Facebook which is a great option for all the users of the social networking website to promote and encourage any sort of link or activity. In response to this the Google team has also created another feature called the +1.

The company recently release a video describing the service.

The service lets add a +1 button on the link or any activity going on on the web and then it gets posted on the Google profile of the person which is associated with his/her Google account ID. The company has made this type of progress in order to may be pose a serious threat to the “Like” button of Facebook as well as the Follow button which recently debuted on the internet screen by Twitter.

The company which couldn’t succeed with the plans of social networking with the help of Orkut is now making a different kind of struggle to ring back its name in the field of social media.