Facebook Acquires fb.com For $8.5 Million Facebook Email

For a lot of people who read the previous article about facebook being shutting down may find this story really interesting. all those people who were waiting to get the Faceboom email ID’s should be ready for this as Facebook seems to be really very sincere in this campaign. As Mark Zuckerbserg the founder and CEO of the company earlier had said that this won’t be exactly email but something beyond it also has been clarified now.

The domain name i.e. FB.com was previously used by the American farm Bureau Federation which is currently using the FB.org domain for its email purpose. the domain has been acquired for a whooping $8.5 Million. The biggest purchase by Facebook before this was the acquisition of its current domain name facebook.com which was for $200,000. This time almost more than 40 times of the value that it paid before the social networking giant has proved its significance over the web and soon is about to capture and integrate with the messaging scenario to give email also a new name.
As Facebook approaches further the company has clarified that the company will provide its users the facility of having an email ID kind of address for its users and the friends can send their messages to the email ID and the message would be finally delivered to their facebook message inbox.
Currently the domain fb.com gets redirected to the official facebook website.