Next Android Version May Have A Different Logo

Popular mobile phone platform Android by Google is soon on the way to reform the look of its Green logo. The green logo which is the android logo(a robot which looks like humans). Some of the news that came out of the Google I/O confirmed this though the next release may take some time.

The whole review that confirmed a lot of things including the development of the Chrome OS and the Chrome web browser also had certain new stuff about Android. the company spokesperson Mike Claren said:

“Most ambitious release to date”


And also would be having the operating system as a blend of Honeycomb and Gingerbread. The company also confirmed the release would be well within 2011. Also we saw the change in the logo of the next version of Android which is somewhat like an Ice Cream and would be named as Ice Cream Sandwich.Above shown is the most predicted logo of the operating system.