Great Place To Work, Youtube

A job or a place to work is really important for a person as one gets to spend the whole day inside the office and if not a good place to work then the worst can happen that is the person being frustrated or in short not getting to know what he is good at or what he can really contribute to the world. Now the social media has already made the scene of jobs so easy that the people can easily sit at their own home and can just spend some hours in front of the PC’s/Mac or whatever and earn money enough to live an amazing life.

But part from all these things today I have the coverage of a job that one would always dream of, because it’s somewhat like being at home but working for a big company( I mean really BIG!). So I am talking about YouTube the video sharing company headed by some good people at Google Inc. and which brings out to us a lot of things one can ever imagine about. The video below as how can the life be their at this place.

As the people who were asked about  in the video we heard people saying that they really enjoy this job as being a part of a big company they still haven’t lost their freedom to somebody. A person doesn’t have to be an expert to work their but should enjoy what he/she is doing.

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