How To Open Source Your Patent?

Patents are something which may be synonymous to the word inventions is a term used to describe something a person has created basically a concept or simply an idea for the welfare or well being of humanity. As for example Steve Jobs has more than 23 patents on his name related to the touch screen devices which have really made iPhone as a great device for touch lovers.

The registration of patents is also a kind of a very complicated process as one has to really make sure that all the things that a person has created i8s completely genuine and has no resemblance with anything that is already existing in the world created by somebody else. Now as the open source scenario tends to gain a big support the scene is expanding like wild fire and the concept of Open patents has also come across.

An now we have reviewed a website which has the ability to provide you the right to your patent online without any hassles and the best part is that you don’t have to pay anybody for anything. The patent would remain free for its use witht the public as it would be open source and anybody can use it.

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