Retina Scan To Login

All the people using the internet these days are not usually doing something new on the web but trying to stay connected with the help of Facebook or Tweeting something to their followers.So the main thing crops up is the security that the people using these social sites should generally have so that their ID is not misused in any sense. This is how the main scene crops up for better security and we have a solution for that now.

A company based in New York has come up with a new technology is is not exactly a lot indifferent for the people as this technology uses the retina scanned for unlocking or logging into an ID of a user. Previously as Yahoo introduced a lovely system where a user was able to login with the help of a sign in seal which became a good alternative to passwords.

So coming to the benefits that we all will get include:

  • We don’t have to remember a password to log in as our eyes are the passwords.
  • Also hacking will turn lesser as the phishing sites can’t always get a picture of your retina to go ahead and block something.

The product is being developed by Hoyos Group and the device is named as eye lock and that will be one of the first devices in its class which is get into a computer like a USB.