Facebook Plans to launch an iPad App

As we all know till now that Facebook is one of the pioneering enterprises on the whole web which did a lot for its users by launching various of the apps in all the sectors. The company which is said to have apps for almost all devices now turns its concentration towards another sector.

The website which recently amazed all of the people by launching an app for the feature phones as well is now soon going to release an app (maybe!) for the iPad as well. The facebook users as they are using iFace right now on their iPads for proper surfing of the website may have an official app for them ready to be used on their devices.

As a review on Read Write Web symbolizes an interview with Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg who said ” iPad is not mobile, its  a computer” which the website says that may be there won’t be a mobile app for the thing. But no one knows how far this can be true.

The things seem to be a bit different right now as the inside news from the company as said by The New York Times is that the company is working hard to make the iPad app that would bee completely free and would be completely designed to be there on the device. The inside reports also said that Zuckerberg is involved in the design process and he would be really looking into the process with a lot of investment. Overall we thing that the FB team is quite dedicated right now to bring out this amazing app for the people as soon as possible.

No officials confirmation comes out yet but most probably we should be seeing an app for this device and making the use of the website more friendly for all soon.