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Obama Silences A Crying Baby

Barack Obama the American President who recently started tweeting about somethings on Twitter has once again made it to the web by another act which once again proves him to be a family man. The person who had his first tweet recently has a new video on YouTube which has turned viral all over the web.

The family man President who tweeted first on Father’s Day addressing all the fathers across the nations where he mentions that he feels proud being a father and considers it  one of  the toughest jobs.(Read More)

The video on YouTube shows the President silencing a small baby from all over the crowd. The video shows the president holding the baby in his arms and trying to silence the crying baby along with his wife Michelle. The crowd including children applauds to this acts of his.

This news went viral and was initially reported via Buzzfeed

This act of the president surely makes him one of the most adorable presidents U has ever had.


  • That’s the thiknnig of a creative mind

    • Thinking of an intelligent mind as well,although Mr. President is beyond just being intelligent 🙂