winklevoss twins battle facebook

The Facebook-Winklevoss Fight Continues

I still remember a moral that is craved out of many stories I have heard till today and that is ” Greed is not good”. I think this doesn’t apply for the Olympic rowing duo. As earlier reported the twins have finally decided to take the case further.

Already turned famous after the movie The Social Network the Winklevoss twins who reportedly thought of dropping the case against the Facebook CEO and the company have thought to give it another try to & now are searching for a judge to get into this matter. They want the judge to investigate whether any information or evidence was suppressed by Facebook during earlier encounters in a Boston court. As reported they want to know more about the communication that was made between the lawyers as well as Zuckerberg during the time at the Boston court.

The story remains the same as reported earlier but now the twins have rejected the money claim that was $65 million made to them to drop the case and not taking it to the Supreme Court. Anyhow it depends on them completely.