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Build A Toolbar and Boost Alexa Rankings !

For all the people who work on the web are somewhere or the other linked up with this tool called Alexa. A subsidiary of Amazon this company has a lot to provide to the users and no users. Its well proved as whenever we hear the name of Google then we get to hear that it has its rank #1 for past many years on Alexa and that is what really adds to its reputation. Now get to this new tool from Alexa and get to know how it is going to boost your rankings.

You may find a lot of places on the web that may provide you with a lot of solutions to boost your Alexa rankings like place a widget on your site/blog or as a php code or get plenty of traffic to it. Although getting plenty of traffic helps improve the ranking but its not an exact solution to the issue. Alexa has a toolbar which will boost up your ranking and that is the main way you can really achieve good ranks.

Now the company is also allowing to create a custom toolbar creator with the help of which a web developer/master can easily create a custom web tool bar with the help of which he /she can place the important links such as the links to Facebook or Twitter.

Other features of the toolbar include:

  • Drop Down Menu Support
  • Easy drag and drop creator
  • Installation page Creator
  • Secure Download with the help of HTTPS(SSL)
  • Custom Logo

With all these facilities the above mentioned feature is a complete free service provided by Alexa and can boost the Alexa rankings as well as contribute to the brand value of the website too.

Check Sample Toolbar Created With the Help Of Alexa


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