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YouTube Presents User Generated Movie

As we all see YouTube which recently launched its career development program for its partners where it allows them to tour along with the team and visit the lovely city of London, once again this website has something new for its users. This time its strikingly new.

As I consider YouTube which is one of the rarest web startups that that had the target of empowering the users form the beginning of its operations. Thanks to all the three of them who started this company making video sharing really easy for all of us. But why am I telling all this to you as its quite obvious that you may be knowing this, its all because YouTube now collaborated with the National Geographic Channel has launched a new program called ” Life In A Day”.

It would be a user generated movie which would be directed by Kevin McDonald and produced by Ridley Scott. The most unique thing as well all can easily imagine is that the this movie would be filmed by any body in this world thus bringing life the concept of a User generated movie.The movie would be having special screenings and that too is also dependent  the demands of the people. The people can easily go to the official channel of the project on YouTube and request a screening which will hardly take a few seconds.

To participate in the program the user needs to record a footage of his/her life n a day and send the video to YouTube- Life In A Day and it could be a part of the movie. This project has been started just to highlight the importance of a day on earth. A sample video for this project has been shot by Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration which you can see below.

Known a lot for the innovations, Google has already put life to Android where the individual minds of the people can contribute to the development of the mobile platform for the common people as well as YouTube introduced the Creative Commons so that sharing become easier for all of us watching the lovely videos.