Security Tip: Backup A WordPress blog in Seconds

This post goes for all those people who know the possible strengths and the positive impacts of this lovely open source CMS WordPress and use it in their day to day lives. This small practice which is too logical and simple will make their lives easy with WP as they will never lose their websites ever.

To go ahead you need to have the basic knowledge of WordPress such as what are themes and plugins and the rest.

The process is:

  • Create a folder in your my documents or any other safe place(wherever you feel like). Name it Backup(or My blog Backup, anything !!)
  • To start is to simply go to the place called the WordPress dashboard and then scroll down to the bottom to the place called “Tools” and click on “Export”.
  • Export and save the resultant file int he folder you created above.

Now  in case if you ever try out a plugin or something on your blog/website then you can at least get your blog back to as it was. Make it a habit that you at least do once a week or so(depends on the posting frequency of yours).

The story is not yet over

You should install this lovely plugin which is called Wp DBManager and it is available at WordPress Extend. This plugin will regularly backup the database of yours form your php myadmin so in case your database goes corrupt or something is over with your database then at least you can restore it back to the original without any hectic problems.The database is the real place where the settings and the specifications of your WP blog are stored and installed so the point that comes up is that is should be safe.

Rest other things such as the plugins as well as the themes never go to anywhere even if your blog fails or goes fully corrupt. Generally in 99% of the cases the wp-content folder is safe and nothing happens to it. If you still worry for it you cna download and save it somewhere in your hard disk.