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Mac OS X Lion Goes For Sale In July

Recently Apple announced the release date as well as some of the amazing features of its awesome  operating system the OS X lion at the WWDC. The software has been scheduled to be released very soon.

As seen on the home screen of the official Mac OX X website we see the following features of the new OS:

  • Launch Pad: To launch all the apps form one place.
  • Full Screen apps : The apps would be utilizing the whole screen of the computer thus making a clear view of everything and turning more user friendly
  • Mission Control : this allows the user to go to a particular place or the target after turning on a lot of Windows.
  • E Mail: the new OS would be having an advanced mail interface than before and the company claims that it would be one of the nest mail apps ever.

The company allows the its users to sign up with them in order to receive the updates related with the OS and its exact release date.

The new OS would be available for download on the Apple website for $29.99