3 Best WordPress Themes !

Yesterday I talked about the former battle of words between Matt Mullenweg and Chris Pearson both of them who are well known for the works they have done till now. If you have also seen that video and heard every word of it then you must have noticed a point when Chris says that WordPress is just a simple blank page without the themes so here we come out with the point that how much the themes are important to the people all around the web specially the one who use WP.

Here I have a list of certain themes which I have been testing for the past few days and this is what I have experienced and have come out with. I would recommend people to try any of these and post their review as well(below).

1. Genesis

Its an awesome framework designed and developed by StudioPress. The theme has a lot to deliver but these are the main points that I find the best in it:

  • The options panel literally enabled you to customize any part of the theme(header,footer or widgetize any thing)
  • The child themes support is also extensive as if any one who is well known with the concepts of CSS can easily do this.In short if any one knows WordPress they can develop Genesis as well.
  • Its licensed under GPL so the user is free to do any thing with the theme such as changing the code or adding anything or sharing it with anybody. All is well here

Preview —–    Download

2. Thesis

Formerly this framework was known as the king of WordPress themes and also big websites/blogs such as John Chow.com(till today) or Copy Blogger.com also used to make it as a platform for their online businesses. The theme company entered into a rift with the founder of WP but still hasn’t compromise with its lovely features and user friendly interface.

The best things in this include :

  • The options panel offers a lot of options so like Genesis you can customize anything and everything and make a unique look of yours.
  • The easy customizations can also be easily exported and imported if you plan to use the customizations else where or migrate your blog/website(Also in genesis).
  • The skins for this framework are easily available so download from anywhere to use it.
  • Also the theme has a custom page where you can use your own code that is hooks to customize the website more than anything else.

Preview —–    Downlaod

3. WooThemes Canvas

This is one of the best frameworks ever made in the history of WordPress and is the current framework that we are using as well for our blogs and websites here. This allows the users to do almost anything.

Best Feature here are:

  • Everything has a place in the options panel so you can simply customize everything.
  • Import and export settings like you did in Thesis or Genesis.
  • This is GPL so sharing is completely allowed as well as tweaking into the code can also give the theme a complete new look.

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