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Have A Look At The New Front page Design Of Google

Google, the undisputed leader of search on the web has something to introduce to all of us, its all new front page. The web company is really trying out various designs on the front page and has finally landed up with a complete new design after a lot of days.

Recently we reported about the small changes that took place on the front page of the Google website where the company made changes to the head navigation area a little different, this time the company has made a lot of changes.

The new look introduces:

  • The top navigation having a black-grey sort of background instead of white.
  • The logo of Google is smaller as compared
  • There are more options in the footer.
  • There is a new feature that include the Speak Search or voice search.

As you can see above is the search result page on the website which has differences as the link colors being changed as well as the hovering colors being changed. The positioning of the url and the description has also been interchanged.