Google Introduces Voice Search !

For the past some days Google has been continuosly carrying out some great operations inside its offices to introduce major changes to its website hence making all the features of it more user friendly.Now the website has come out with a new feature for all the people who love searching on the web that is voice search where you can simply use you voice out search out something form the whole diverse web.

The website has been introducing us with various of the changes that include minor design changes at first then complete design changes and also the advanced image search where one can easily copy paste anything to search it out on Google.These were some of those things that have finally made the website achieve the title of the “Undisputed King of Search”.

As you see above on the right side of the search box( the place where you type) you can see a microphone logo. To do the voice search one needs to click the logo or icon and speak the search term on the mic(attached with you computer or inbuilt). The search engine would recognize the term and then would redirect you to the page with the search results.

This is how the people whose hands are paining or the ones who tend not to type much(due to being lazy 😀 ) can easily search anything they wish to.(Read Google Makes People Lazy)