WordPress 3.1.4 Released, But Its Not As Expected

A few hours ago the blogosphere may have had a nice and an exciting moment as the newest version of WordPress was finally released and it was there flashing on the blogs dashboard and the official news page of the WP community. But is this version of WP exactly as we all expected? Lets find out.

As for previous a lot of things and news about WordPress had already come out in the social media world and some websites such as Mashable had already posted about the versions of WordPress(see story here). The story was posted on the 8th anniversary of the WordPress community and they had the dashboard look of the various versions along with the features that were introduced.

WordPress RC3 screenshot


As we provide both the screen shots of the dashboards the bloggers community always expected that the look of the WordPress dashboard or the back-end would change significantly as the RC version had it quite different. the look that is also used there at Automattic’s WordPress.com is not the one that we are seeing in WordPress 3.1.4 instead the look remains more or less the same as it was before(screenshot below).

So as you can easily see above is the screenshot of the WordPress RC 3 which has a lovely new different screen and as expected by most of the users this look should have been available in the new WordPress version.

Also the community has come out with this new version of WordPress RC which includes the theme Twenty Eleven and is also available for download but we don’t see any such comments being made by the community in the case of the new look and feel yet.