Where Does WordPress Outsmarts Blogger?

This is one of the biggest questions faced by a lot of the bloggers. I mean its a lot confusing in the beginning as how these two softwares or CMS have made their way into the web and tend to become one of the most important tools in the mind of bloggers/web entrepreneurs throughout the world. Well as much as I know about using these two things I would figure out some of the main differences between the two CMS and finally it is up to the person reading this to find out who is better and who is not for them.

Blogger is a freeware software that has been developed by a team of people who developed Twitter and like Twitter remains at the second position after Facebook same ways Blogger too is considered as the second rank after WordPress. it is currently owned Google, Inc.

WordPress is another CMS completely free and open source and was developed by Matt Mullenweg, owned by The WordPress Foundation. The best part of this CMS is the unlimited freedom one can imagine about.

So now we can start with the comparative study.

  • Self Hosted

Although WordPress has a version that is hosted the best point with this CMS is that one can download this completely free and can build a great website with it. Blogger doesn’t allow its CMS to be downloaded and to be used else where and has to set up on the servers owned by Google. Here the main advantage that is there with Blogger is that it is amazing for Newbies who know simply nothing about hosting. But on the long run this is one of the main advantage with WordPress.

  • Plugins and third-party software

This is another place where WordPress outsmarts blogger. One can customize anything on this software and that too mostly for free which proves to be a great advantage. Plugins are amazing along with the customizable themes on the platform that make the experience even better.

  • Themes or Templates

The themes or templates of WP are very easy to code, as I believe PHP is one of the simplest coding language and this can be learnt by anybody in a short duration.The best of all it can be customized according to anybody so making it better than Blogger where the theme is just a skin and changes only the look of the website(not the complete functionality).

  • SEO

As I said about PHP being one of the easiest languages its easy to do some SEO as well. With proper optimization it makes the search bots notice the website/blog at the first place.

  • Homepage

At WP it is possible for people to have a customized homepage of their own instead of a blog updates page, which makes it literally simple for the people to use it as a complete CMS.

What can be concluded here is that WordPress is a great piece of software that can be used for almost any web purpose, whereas Blogger is intended only for blogs. Whatever WordPress may provide one, I still beleive that for a newbie Blogger remains a great tool as it requires no technical knowledge.

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