Is Facemash Still Active?

For all those who are fan of Mark Zuckerberg and enjoy using Facebook would surely like to know how did this website came out to be. Mark created Facemash as seen in the movie The Social Network simply simply after breaking up with his girlfriend. What if he wouldn’t have created the website I believe there wouldn’t have been a Facebook today as he may have never thought of it. Any ways would any one of you like to have a look into what he had created during that time, here it is.

The website that was mainly something like the hot or not version inside Harvard and something that also shut down the network of Harvard for the day had something unique in it as it attracted 22,000 clicks in an hour. The main thing that really made up was some pictures and an algorithm that made the whole thing come true. the whole concept of the website is still live at facemasher.com. A replica of what Zuckerberg had created and the you can see pictures of two people(females) on your screen and then you can click on the one who you feel is hotter. Its entirely the same thing as that of the concept that was created by Mark.

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