Whats In The New Gmail?

We all see Google going ahead with a lot of features in its list, and recently also we got to hear that it is branding everything with its own name and making it Google. Some brands which are really going good such  as Blogger and Picasa might see themselves re-branded in the upcoming days. Anyway, we see the new Gmail right now, what are its features? Thats what we discuss today.

Recently we all saw Google doing too many new things and the race begin when it first made its look the most impressive. So the differences we are expected to see soon in the next version are:

  • An all new design: So I thing this time Gmail will look quite different as it is already having an integration with Google + so there are a lot of things we can expect from the service now.
  • Availability of 44 languages in the phone browser; So now anything may be your fist language and you may find it easy to use Gmail.
  • The HTTPS or the Secure Sockets layer would be the default thing in Gmail making it more secure as compared with before.
  • More spaces and less money, just $5 for 20 GB.
  • Undo Send, if you accidentally clicked on the send button instead of draft then you can easily undo the procedure ! Whoo, what a relief!
  • New feature Offline access to debut soon
And many more features to be on this list soon. Just keep on checking the official page