Emulator Vs. Device : Whats The Difference?

Before Reading this, if you are a beginner in Android development read this small Android introductory article…

This is one of the known questions with all those who are about to enter the mobile industry and want to develop apps for portable devices on various platforms such as the Windows Phone, Android or iOS. This situation also generally arises with a lot of people(like you) and is not that complicated. So what exactly is the difference between these two terms and what are the  advantages or disadvantages of using them. So to start with, what is an emulator? It is basically a virtual form of the device you are working for. Such as if you are developing for Android and you don’t have an Android device along you can use an emulator.It would be like a smartphone or a tablet running on your computer screen that allows you to test the app on it. It will work the same way as it works in a phone.



This is what an Emulator Looks like for Android and similar for other phones as well.

So many of us may think why spend on a phone just use the emulator? This answer is justified till a certain extent when a person is just starting as a developer. Its because the person at that time will just work out on the basics and just see how it looks and if the app is working or not.

But what if you use a real smartphone.The advantages are:

  • Firstly it would be like using a real phone so you get the perfect idea of what the app looks/works like as you can see the app performing as it would be for your users
  • Certain features such as sensors are only available in a real device and cannot be there in an emulator.
So this is what really makes a difference be it any platform you develop for. So if some people are quite serious into this field and they really want to make it big then then trying it out on a real device is highly suggested.
If it comes to iOs developers an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad are the options they have whereas Android developers may go ahead for any phone that they feel comfortable with. Google’s phone Nexus is probably the most used by developers in most communities.
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