ComicPress A Theme To Support Comic Publishing on WordPress

I believe there are a lot of reviews of WordPress on the web as anybody who is using it is writing something about it in some way or the other and the main thing that is generally highlighted in the reviews is that ” You can do anything with WordPress”. I mean this becomes a necessary thing for any software which says that it can be used for anything. So this is how you use WordPress for anything, something like publishing an online comic.

So here we are with an awesome new theme or sort of framework for WordPress called ComicPress. This theme unlike others has the main purpose of publishing comics online and providing an efficient way to manage it.

Currently the theme is for free download to anybody who wishes to get it and also supports donations. The estimated retail price of the theme is said to be $30 and is also available on the official WordPress directory for download.

There is a preview of it on the official WP directory which is a raw one. You can have a look at the various details of it on their official website or the WP directory.

Download Theme(official website)

View Demo