Android Market Gets A Refresh !

Android which is one of the most popular mobile phone platform throughout the world has something literally exciting for its users. The open source project by Google is now having a new look and some more additional functionality with this lovely new web market place which is one of the biggest market places in the whole world.

As Google announced on their official blog post saying that the new market will provide access to new ebooks which will be available for download. The new interface will get a change with most of the things can be slided to be viewed easily as well as there would be more space for the details of an Android app. The whole thing came out with a demo video that showed what would be new to the people.

Some new things that we all be seeing is the movies rent and downloads although only the Americans would be having the access to this new feature of online renting a movie ont he market. The company says that soon all this would be available to all the people throughout the world.

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