color blind test

Test Your Color Blindness Online

All the people who are aware of the fact that the Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is a color blind personality and he has difficulty in differentiating between green and red, would well understand the blue color being emphasized on the website Facebook so much. But are you color blind? Lets check it out here.

A new web service called Online Color blindness check is available that allows the users to check their color blindness for free with a few questions. although the website is not 100% accurate but mostly a person may get an idea if he is color blind or not. Like the picture here below with us.

If you are able to distinguish the color(its green) which forms an 8 in the mid then its well to understand that you are not color blind, but if you can;t then please go ahead to this website or go to your nearest doctor and get your eye sight checked. You can read more on color blindness here.

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